Dec. 15, 2021

D-Prize w/ Will Snider

D-Prize w/ Will Snider
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D-Prize is a grant of $10,000 to $20,000 for businesses that are pre-revenue or early revenue stage. They have two calls for proposals each year and are especially looking to fund local founders. They are specifically interested in a few sectors and within those sectors in rather specific problems. If you address one of those very specific challenges in the application you’ll have a lot better chance of winning. The broad areas are: Health Access. Clean Water, Education, Agriculture, Livelihoods, Energy and Public Services. Within health there are specific challenges like Self-Injectable Contraceptives or Develop Medical Oxygen distribution.

They are also looking for companies that can scale to 100,000 people impacted in 5 years. Usually, D-Prize is the first funding received by their grant recipients. Their funders include the Gates Foundation, DAK Foundation, and ThankYou. D-prize was co-founded by Andrew Youn of One Acre Fund, Paul Youn and Nicko Fusso. Will previously worked at One Acre Fund before his current role.

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