Why we Podcast

To connect entrepreneurs and funders--Ideas and Capital--with relationships and voice.

Today, we rely mostly on paperwork to enforce funding agreements. But are Contracts & Terms of Reference enough to collaborate on the hardest problems of our time?

We all know something special happens when people talk to eachother that is not possible by writing alone. That's why it's worth a thousand dollars to attend a conference.

Human relationships existed long before lawyers, paperwork and courts were invented. And human relationships will guide collaboration long after courts are gone.


More legalese in covenants has increasingly marginal returns.


​No, true change in the world requires relationships.

Let's make a stage for funders to declare to the world in their own human voice the change they want to see.


"This is where I came from. These are the times I succeeded and failed. I'm a human who cares enough to make this my life's work."

Then it will be known. Around the world, like standing on 1,000 soap boxes, Wishes Granted Podcast will announce from iPhones and car speakers that you're looking for someone...

...looking for another human.

Let's bring Human Centered Design to finance. Let's take a taste of our own medicine. Due diligence by email between grantors & entrepreneurs is like an SMS questionnaire to villagers in rural Mozambique--a good start but leaves much to be desired.

​The desire for human connection is eternal--and makes it all worthwhile. A baby's smile. An entrepreneur's enthusiasm. Why avoid these simple joys? If not to feel connected, what was it all for?

If you've made it this far (in your career and this manifesto :D ) you have wisdom to gift the world. And a gift ungiven is a flower bud burned by the frost.


So share your story that it may live forever. Make a wish for a great future.

And may your Wishes be Granted.