July 23, 2021

AgDevCo and the Smallholder Development Unit with Sandi Roberts

AgDevCo and the Smallholder Development Unit with Sandi Roberts
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AgDevCo makes million dollar plus investments in agriculture value chain companies in Africa. Apply to work with them at https://www.agdevco.com/our-approach/investment-criteria.html


Record an audio comment at: wishesgrant.media


Links we refer to in this episode:

Sandi’s new company:https://bio-ag.org/




Note: Others dispute whether there is a correlation between Brix and disease resistance: https://ipm.missouri.edu/MPG/2010/5/Is-High-Brix-for-Vegetables-Valid/ 

This podcast is sponsored by Grant & Co. Grant & Co helps social entrepreneurs raise capital. Go to thegrant.co/job/ to apply for a job.