Sept. 29, 2021

Agriculture, Africa & 100x growth--with Luni Libes, founder of Africa Eats and Fledge Accelerator

Agriculture, Africa & 100x growth--with Luni Libes, founder of Africa Eats and Fledge Accelerator
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Luni Libes, founder of Africa Eats, is a serial entrepreneur, or, actually, a Parallel Entrepreneur, currently running about 5 companies that help social enterprises. He started and sold several tech startups before moving into impact investing. Now he runs several Businesses that help other startups. For example, He runs the startup accelerator Fledge. He provides follow on investment through Africa Eats. He teachers investors how to invest at the Angel Sccelerator (a very important thing, btw. Angel investors need to learn how to invest just like entrepreneurs need to learn how to runa  business). His has a community called Realize Impact and Investor Flow which helps shares opportunities for investors. Today we talked about Africa Eats which is not a investment fund but a holding company--a totally new way to provide capital to entrepreneurs that I think we will see a lot more of once Luni proves that it works. You can best think of Africa Eats as Berkshire Hathaway for food in Africa. Luni is an absolutely incredible personality and doing amazing work. Africa Eats is a small company now but I think they are well positioned to be huge. I was really lucky to get him on the podcast because I'm sure in a year or two he will be on The Joe Rogan Experience and Tim Ferriss show and he won't have any time for small podcast like me so the real pleasure to talk to him. They are raising a crowd funding round so if you want to invest you can by going to

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