Wishes Granted

Wishes Granted

The Social Enterprise fundraising podcast.

You've got an innovative business? We've got creative ideas you can use to raise capital.

We interview the top impact funders so that entrepreneurs and funders, no matter what continent they are on, can connect and build a great future.

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Recent Episodes

DoinGud NFT Marketplace with Nikoline Arns

Oct. 9, 2021

Nikoline Arns is one of the co-Founders of the crypto start-up DoinGud. DoinGud ( https://doingud.com/ ) is a platform, Marketplace, and community for creators to come together and Build art collaboratively and then sell it…

Agriculture Africa For-Profit Start Up

Grantor reveals key mistakes entrepreneurs make. Mark Ireland--Enterprise Zambia Challenge Fund

Oct. 9, 2021

Mark Ireland is the Team Leader of Enterprise Zambia Challenge Fund. This is the second round of funds he has managed at Self Help Africa. He previously raised the capital for and managed Agrifi Kenya. Enterprise Zambia Chal…