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Getting into the minds of grant makers

This podcast makes an opaque process clear, and reminds listeners that humans are behind the review process for grant evaluations. Listening to Kyle and his guests discuss the theory and practice of how organizations deploy capital is a great step forward for making grant funding more accessible.

Excellent podcast!

It’s great to hear from people behind the fund… stepping away from the formal press releases and annual reports. There’s so much more insight and experience to learn from. Looking forward to the next one!

Insights into inclusive development

Just listened to the conversation with Sandi Roberts. I’m leaving a positive review here not only because of the quality of the content, but also to help more folks like myself discover this podcast. I personally worked in the development space for about 6 years, and it’s refreshing this podcast exists. It gives access to some of the theory and lessons learned from the development sector in a casual format for folks who are interested but out of the space, like myself now. Otherwise these types of on-the-ground insights are only accessible to people attending big conferences or through in person networks, which is how I suppose the podcaster got Sandi onto the show. So thanks for sharing your network! That’s said, Sandi’s background is particularly interesting because she grew up in Uganda and Zimbabwe in the agriculture sector and has had enormous experience in different regions of sub Saharan Africa working on various models for inclusive agricultural development, both as an operator as well as an investor. It was very interesting to hear her lessons learned about scaling and replicating business models, and how the unique conditions in different markets can cause outcomes of the same project to be different. I just subscribed to the podcast now and I look forward to the future episodes. Personally I’m interested in learning the lessons learned from the coffee industry in its ability to be so inclusive to small holder farmers, at scale. So I’m hoping the podcasters cover this topic soon! Thanks for your work, Adam

Helps get you into the mind of grantors!

As an entrepreneur, I had never thought about the other side of a grant application - the grantor! This podcast is instrumental in helping me understand their mindset and what they are looking for in applications. Some really good stories as well!

very helpful info BEFORE writing a grant.

The podcast with Elke helped me my grant application to KBF so much. I had no idea that she wanted people to call her *BEFORE* they apply. I assumed all grantors didn't want to talk to entrepreneurs but it turns out each grantor is different and it's worth making the effort to learn a little bit more about a grantor before applying because changed our application completely after talking with Elke.

The best podcast for entrepreneursneurs

I learned so much from this. Kyle is a great host and the guests are fantastic. Give it a shot!