April 30, 2021

EnAccess: Open Source solutions for Energy

EnAccess: Open Source solutions for Energy
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EnAccess funds Open Source projects in the energy space in developing countries between $50,000 and $250,000. They've funded companies like Solaris, Devergy and ANKA Madagascar. They are like a grantor but a little different; they collaborate with organizations to build a project that will make a difference in the sector. Today I talk with Tamara Mahoney, Head of Marketing. We talk about examples of what they have funded in the past, what makes a good application and what EnAccess is looking for next.

In this discussion we talk about AgriGrid (find their business plan here: https://enaccess.org/agrigrid/), Cicada Open Source hardware and firmware for PAYGo (find the code and schematics here: https://enaccess.org/okra-cicada/) and Solaris' Open PAYGo token (details here: https://enaccess.org/openpaygotoken/).

If you have any questions you'd like us to ask the EnAccess, please email podcast@thegrant.co or record a voice message question at https://anchor.fm/wishesgranted/message.



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