Sept. 17, 2021

NFTs for Non-Profits? An interview with Mieke Marple

NFTs for Non-Profits? An interview with Mieke Marple

Mieke Marple is an NFT artist. What is an NFT you ask? Let me explain: an NFT is a new way to create a contract using a blockchain such as ethereum. If the terms NFT or blockchain or ethereum or Bitcoin are new to you then probably you want to read up on it a little bit before listening to this episode to fully understand. 


The Greatest NFT Film Ever Made: 

NFT Auction publicity for her art: 

You can see the NFT “holding” her art on the ethereum blockchain here: 

And the listing of all the art in that collection here: 

Jehan Chu, buyer of Mieka’s NFT: 

The Lost Leonardo Movie: NFT 

influencers to follow on Twitter 

pplpleasr @pplpleasr1 (NFT artist recently on the cover of Fortune) 

Gary Vee @garyvee (NFT investor) 

FVCKRENDER @fvckrender (NFT artist) 

Ferocious @fewocious (precocious NFT artist) 

Lindsay Howard @Lindsay_Howard (co-founder of With Foundation @withFND) 

Kayvon Tehranian @saturnial (co-founder of With Foundation) 

Yam Karkai @YKarkai (co-founder and artist behind World of Women @worldofwomennft) 

Lady Phoenix @yesladypheOnix (NFT curator, producer, & crypto advisor) 

Colburn Bell/Museum of Crypto Art @MuseumofCrypto (NFT curator/collector) 

Kenny Schachter @kennyschac (NFT artist, curator, collector, writer) 

Noah Davis @NonFungibleNoah (head of NFT sales at Christies) 

DoinGud @DoinGud (NFT marketplace for social impact) 



Links for John: 

Links for Suleiman: 

Links for Michael: 

Accelerators in Zambia: 

Dragon’s Den UK: 

Shark’s Tank Australia: 

Shark’s Tank US:


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